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Track things to remember, plan your daily schedule, track your results, and practice the pomodoro technique with our simple to use progressive web application.

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Things to Remember

Keep track of things to remember in the TTR page, with optional due dates. TTR can be copied over to your schedule when you are ready to work on them.

Track Results

All tasks from your schedule will be moved to the Logs page when you give the result, mentioning if you have completed the task with an accommodating reason.

Daily Schedule

Plan your daily schedule using the Schedule page, detailing tasks for the day. You can receive reminder notifications and mark the scheduled tasks as complete or incomplete.

Pomodoro Technique

Practice the pomodoro technique for productivity by using the Pomodoro page, allowing you to setup time periods for focused work.

Improve Productivity with Zeitplan

Utilize our simple to use system to improve your productivity and take back control over your day. Our features help you be proactive about your day, ultimately helping you achieve your desired results.

Zeitplan is a progressive web application, meaning it can be installed on mobile devices as if it were a native application.
Get reminder notifications via push notifications, emails, and text messages (upon request).
Zeitplan has a responsive design, making it suitable for use on any device.

Inspired by Cal Newport's Books

(1) Jot down new tasks and assignments on your list during the day; (2) next morning, transfer these new items from your list onto your calendar; and (3) then take a couple of minutes to plan your day.

Cal Newport

Author of How to Become a Straight-A Student

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Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Take control of your day with Zeitplan

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